Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ginger Milk Curds...again!!

I saw FIL bought another type of milk which I haven't tried before...so, here goes...

Tonight, I made too much ginger juice. So not to waste them I used 20ml instead of 15 ml.
The outcome was quite watery curds...but the taste was still as great!

The texture:

Then I suddenly had a thought: What if I can do it with my Anmum Lacta?? I remembered how I hated ginger during my confinement month...(Now I wondered why I bothered to try with it...I don't plan to have a third confinement...!!)

Here, again I used 20ml of ginger juice to 130ml of Anmum Lacta ( I followed instructions on the box: add 4 scoops milk powder to 200ml water , then I boiled the milk)

It was a total failure, I would say...But I find it weird to see one third of the milk at the bottom became curd, but the top part just remained watery:

The taste of both curds are different due to the milk, but with the ginger...I like both!

But I really am scratching my head over the different results...Did the fat content affect it? Shouldn't be, right? Ah, bother...let it be the chemist or nutritionist or even the chef to find out...I just wanna savour my milk curds now...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ginger Milk Curd 姜汁撞奶 (More Experiments...)

I made these again...the week before last...and found out that I actually should use more ginger juice to my 150ml of milk. Then Baby Bear got sick and that made me worried + busy + exhausted to think of more Ginger Milk Curd.  When he got better, he developed rashes on his face and body due to the antibiotic he'd taken. But luckily the rashes subsided in 2 days. 

Then I made some of the curd for Papa Bear last Friday. I waited for his first mouthful and he said: "Mmmm, this is yummy...what is it?" After all the explanation, he said: " Good, so this is something yummy and healthy."

...and I'm just glad that he liked it. (So that he can help eat more of my experiments...hehehehe...)

From 2 weeks ago:
I used Farmhouse fresh milk this time:
(pasteurised and homogenised milk)

1st bowl
150ml milk + 15ml ginger juice + sugar
>>>>>>>>>very soft curd just like the first time I did with the Farmhouse Omega milk, BUT the curd passed the spoon test!!

2nd bowl

150ml milk + 22ml ginger juice + sugar
>>>>>>>>>real success at last!! The curd is more firm, more taufufah-like...So I should have followed Wendy's recipe after all...   :p

Friday's Curd (This is just to show off a bit...    :P)

30ml ginger juice

220ml fresh milk (Yup, I used little Bear's milk bottle to measure) + sugar to taste


The spoon test...

The texture...
I think I'm a bit hooked on making this...   :P