Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Trip to Singapore

(Sigh...! I know this is so,so, so late... but---okay lah...better be late than never. At least in future my kids would know that I recorded all these for them...)
We went to S'pore for 8 days(4-11 Sept 2010), plus all the travelling to and back. We went to Universal Studio in Sentosa, watched Voyage de la Vie, met up with my sisters, shopping (needless to say...) and lazed around my BIL's new home most of the time...

We did not go to the Zoo as we thought we would, the rain is one of the special offer for the tickets is another.  But overall we did enjoyed our stay there, thanks to JS and A for being such lovely hosts. I felt so sorry when Little Bear fought with his cousin, G especially...Luckily everybody understood the "Kids are like that" fact.

(Ok, ok...enough said...actually I'm lazy to explain are some pics to show...)

The kids in the stroller rented for $15 at Universal Studio.
Little Bear with Cousin M, munching away.

Trying to make Little Bear stand still in front of Shrek's castle for a photo.   :(

Little Bear having fun with Cousins M, G and L at the splash park of IMM.

 Even Baby Bear had fun.
 Uncle JS and Aunt A bought a cake (and a present too!) for Little Bear to celebrate his birthday earlier.